Signs You Should Call A Tow Truck Company When You're At Home

It might be more common to call a tow truck company when you're car has broken down on the road, but it's not the only reason. If you break down at home or otherwise cannot drive your car, you can either call a tow truck company yourself or let your auto insurance company send one your way. Your auto insurance will often cover this expense to a degree if you have roadside assistance or a similar plan in your insurance policy, or you can pay the towing service a flat fee then a per-mile fee, or however they charge for their services, if your auto insurance doesn't cover the service. [Read More]

When It Might Be Necessary to Use a Towing Service

There are companies today that dedicate their time and resources to helping motorists tow their vehicles. It's a useful service that can prevent damage and stress. Here are some situations when you might need to use one of these towing services.  Purchased a Junk Car That Isn't Operable If you like working on vehicles, then you may end up purchasing some junk cars in your lifetime. They may not seem that valuable, but with the right restorations, they can be fine-tuned and sold for a decent profit. [Read More]

How To Keep Your Car Safe During A Roadside Emergency

A roadside breakdown never fits into your plans. There are steps you can take to ensure the safety of your vehicle until you get it repaired. Preparation Strategies Safety is easiest to achieve if you are prepared before an emergency occurs. Keep a safety kit in your car. At a bare minimum, it should contain flares or breakdown markers of some kind, along with information on emergency tow services in your area. [Read More]

Coping With Weather Emergencies With Experienced Heavy Wrecker Towing

If you are a fleet manager, you are responsible for keeping your semis out on the road and safe each day. However, you cannot control the weather or the threats that it can pose to your fleet.  When snowy and icy weather strikes the routes that your truckers drive, you need to be ready to assist them immediately. You can deal with slide-offs and trucks that get stuck by using a heavy wrecker towing service. [Read More]