3 Questions To Ask When Hiring Someone To Tow Your Semi

Semi-trucks play a major role in transporting goods from factories to retail outlets. A semi is large enough and powerful enough to haul heavy loads with ease. While this added size and power can be beneficial when it comes to hauling consumer goods, these characteristics can create challenges when a semi-truck breaks down.

If tire, electrical, brake, or engine issues put your semi out of commission, you will need to hire a professional to tow the semi to a mechanic.

Here are three questions that you should be asking a tow company before securing their services to tow your semi-truck.

1. What Kind of Equipment Is Available?

A successful tow starts with the right equipment. Traditional tow trucks are usually not equipped with the things needed to secure a semi-truck. Heavy-duty towing requires a lot more torque and power to get a heavy semi-truck loaded properly.

At the very least, you want a tow company to have access to a boom lift, wheel lifts, and a high-powered winch. These pieces of equipment allow a tow operator to raise your disabled semi-truck and get it loaded safely.

2. Are the Tow Operators Experienced?

Having the right equipment is a good start when it comes to towing a semi-truck, but the experience of the tow operator will also influence how smoothly the towing process goes.

It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to safely operate the specialized equipment used to tow a semi-truck. If your tow operator doesn't have this knowledge and skill, he or she could end up causing more damage to your truck during towing.

Only partner with experienced tow operators if you want to minimize the risks associated with towing your semi-truck in the future.

3. What Is the Response Time?

Sometimes, you can afford to wait a couple of hours for a tow truck to arrive. Other times, the need for towing services will be urgent. It is essential that you ask any heavy-duty towing company what their response time is before you book a tow.

Semi-trucks that break down in populated areas can block major roadways and create a lot of traffic congestion. It's important that you are able to get your truck out of this type of situation as quickly as possible to avoid causing any accidents or delaying traffic for an extended period of time.

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