What Are The Different Types Of Towing Services?

The last thing anyone would want is to have their vehicle get stuck in an accident scene or break down in the middle of nowhere without anyone to help. That could mean a halt to business operations, unnecessary delays, and other inconveniences. Therefore it is advisable to have a reliable towing service on your speed dial in case of emergencies. They use different towing trucks to pull vehicles out of breakdown situations. Before contacting a towing company, you should understand various types of towing trucks and services to select one that best suits your needs in an emergency. Below is an overview of common types of towing services and their most applicable situations. 

Light and medium-duty towing 

This is the most common type of towing service. It mainly applies to private and small-sized business vehicles, such as vans, categorized as light and medium-duty vehicles. Towing companies offer services such as jumpstarts, lockouts, and transportation using specialized trucks, among other emergency roadside services. 

Heavy-duty towing

Pulling huge vehicles such as commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, and heavy construction machinery after the breakdown can be a challenging task that light and medium-duty towing trucks cannot do. Thus, towing companies used specialized large recovery vehicles known as rotators or wreckers with large hydraulic winches and cables that make them capable of pulling heavy-duty automobiles. Before hiring a towing company for your large commercial vehicle, check if they have trucks capable of heavy-duty towing. 

Flat-bed towing

As the name suggests, this type of towing involves using flatbed trucks lowered to the ground level to enable easy dragging of a broken vehicle into its bed using a hydraulic winch. After that, the vehicle is securely chained and transported to a garage. It's one of the most popular towing services due to its safety and simplicity. Moreover, this method is convenient for towing vehicles over short distances. 

Closed container towing

Another form of towing employs the use of closed-container tow trucks. Unlike flatbed tow trucks, this method involves moving a broken-down vehicle to a garage in a specialized truck with a closed container body on its chassis. They offer maximum protection and are the most convenient way to transport luxury cars and other highly valuable vehicles over long distances. 


You can get multiple services from a towing company based on the nature of your vehicle, the type of breakdown, and the distance for transportation. Your main concern should be getting a reliable service provider that provides all the services. Contact a towing service to learn more.