Why Have Your Car Professionally Towed

There is nothing that is convenient about having your car ending up on the side of the road, broken. However, if this does end up happening to you, then you should call a tow truck right away and get them out there to tow your car to your home or to a shop where you can have the repairs taken care of. While there are other ways people can go about moving their broken car, you should learn about the problems associated with those other ways, so you see the true benefits of a tow truck. Here are some problems you can end up with by trying to forego a tow.

Manually pushing a car

When you know that you are having car trouble, you want to try to get the car to a place where it will be safe before it completely gives out on you. If you aren't able to get the car to safety, then it may be necessary for you to get help pushing the car out of the street and to the nearest safe location as soon as it is 100% safe for you to do so. Remember to put the hazards on any time you have car issues. You don't want to attempt to push the car farther than you have to to get it to safety. Otherwise, you could be in a dangerous situation.

Towing the car with another car

It is possible to hook your car up to another car located in front of it and then use the head car to tow yours while yours is in Neutral. However, this is hard to do and comes with many risks. You will need someone in your car to steer and brake. The car won't be on, so steering will be more difficult. Also, you will need to brake at the correct times and at the correct amount, or you will hit the head car or cause damage when the chain pulls on the cars from too much braking.

Pushing a car with another car

You can have another car come up behind you and gently push your car. However, this should never be done when not totally necessary and it should only be done for an extremely short distance, such as up a driveway. Be aware that both cars can end up with visible damages from this.

Towing with a tow truck

This is the best option. When you call a tow truck out, they will have all the proper lights and cones to display, so the situation will be made much safer. The tow truck will be able to take your car safely from its current location to where you need it to be taken without risk.

Call a roadside assistance service for more information about the tow services they provide.