How To Make Sure Your Towing Is Done Correctly

A road trip can be so much more fun than a city break, and when you take a trailer, you can take so much more than you could with just a suitcase. There is a slight downside, however, and that is the fact that you have much more responsibility. When you are the driver and the one providing towing services, you will be towing everyone's equipment, and you want to make sure that you can do it properly. Do everything by the book, and you should be fine.

Check your vehicle

The main thing to check when it comes to towing is what capacity your vehicle can pull. If too much is added, you can do serious damage and leave yourself with a hefty bill. The wheel bearings can be damaged as can the axles, brakes, transmission, and even the engine. There is also the risk that with too much weight, the vehicle will not be within your control at all times. Finding this information will be easy, as you will have the handbook and online information.

Check your towing equipment

There will be four pieces of hardware that will be responsible for the towing services you will provide. They are the drawbar, the hitch ball, the hitch receiver, and the hitch. These are the items that keep you and the trailer together rather than parting company while on the road.

  • The hitch – With 10 types to choose from, ensure that you get the one that suits your vehicle and also the highest amount of weight you intend to provide towing services for. 
  • The hitch receiver – This links all the pieces and again has different models for different weights. 
  • The drawbar – Links the receiver and ball. Good advice will be to buy an adjustable bar to cover all options. 
  • The hitch ball – Make sure you select the right one for the weight you are expecting to tow.

It could be that you have to buy different items each time you travel, but that is better than damaging the trailer or what you are towing.

Details are important

It may be time-consuming, but double checking is important. Chains can be crisscrossed by the hitch to provide additional support if the hitch comes loose. Lighting must be dealt with, and you need to connect the wires from the trailer to whatever you are driving. This way they will react in the same way that your vehicle lights react. Tires need to be checked as it is a potential problem to have their tread too low. Finally, remember that you have a trailer and change the way you drive.

For more information, contact your local auto towing service.