Correcting Common Roadside Assistance Misinformation

Automotive breakdowns can leave you unable to reach your destination or drive your car to a repair facility. While there are roadside assistance policies that can minimize the problems that a breakdown can cause, individuals often have incorrect expectations when it comes to this type of coverage.

Myth: Roadside Assistance Services Can Repair Any Problems With Your Vehicle

Some individuals are under the impression that roadside assistance services will essentially be a mobile mechanic. As a result, they may assume that these services will be able to perform almost any repair that they could need. However, there are limits to the amount of assistance that these services can provide. In particular, they will be unable to repair most mechanical problems. Rather, these services can help with flat tires, running out of fuel and other nonmechanical issues. When your car suffers a problem that these services are unable to address, they will be able to arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest facility that can provide the needed repairs.

Myth: You Can Only Buy Roadside Assistance And Towing Policies From Your Auto Insurance Provider

There is a common misconception that roadside assistance is a type of coverage that is only available through auto insurance providers. Getting this type of coverage from your insurance may be convenient, but you may be able to obtain high-quality coverage and services by obtaining this coverage from a provider that specializes in roadside assistance services. Prior to settling on a particular roadside assistance plan, you should review offerings from multiple providers as there can be significant variation in these plans.

Myth: Roadside Assistance Coverage Only Applies To The Vehicle You Own

An important thing to know about most roadside assistance policies is that they follow the driver rather than the vehicle. This can prove to be particularly useful to those that regularly rent vehicles as this coverage can still apply to them while they are in the rental car. Unfortunately, individuals will often fail to realize this fact, which can result in them failing to take advantage of this coverage when they experience a breakdown with their rental vehicle.

Roadside assistance services can dramatically reduce the stress and difficulty of experiencing a breakdown with your car. However, it is important to correct some of the misconceptions you may have about this coverage. Otherwise, you may have unrealistic expectations about the services provided by this coverage or fail to maximize the protection and convenience that it offers you.

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