Steps To Take When A Friend Won't Return Your Borrowed Vehicle

Lending a vehicle to a friend is a prime example of generosity, and your friend will hopefully appreciate your gesture and act appropriately. However, this may not always be the case, and it's possible that your friend won't feel in a hurry to return the vehicle to you — even if you've called to ask for it back. 

If it's clear that no amount of requesting is making your friend feel compelled to return your vehicle, it's time to take more drastic steps — especially if your friend has the only set of keys. While you certainly are within your right to involve the police, you may not want to get law enforcement involved. Instead, help from your local towing service may be an asset. Here are some steps to take should you wish to go in this direction.

Identify The Vehicle's Location 

If you're thinking of contacting a towing service to get your borrowed vehicle back, the first thing that you'll need to do is identify where it is so that you can provide this information to the driver. In some cases, the answer may be simple — sitting in the driveway of the person to whom you loaned it. If the person is actively trying to evade you, he or she may have parked it elsewhere. One trick that people do is park it on the street a few blocks from home.

Provide Copies Of The Ownership

When the tow truck driver heads to tow the vehicle and return it to you, it's possible that there may be a confrontation between him or her and your friend. The friend may claim to own the vehicle and even threaten to call the police to report the tow truck operator for "stealing" the vehicle. To avoid such an issue, you'll need to provide the driver with a copy of your vehicle's ownership. The driver will not only use this to help identify the vehicle but can also use it to show the police in the event that your friend calls them.

Consider Accompanying The Driver

Some tow truck operators will allow you to ride with them for this operation. If this is the case, you may wish to do so. The tow truck driver can certainly get your vehicle back on his or her own, but your presence may be helpful in potentially diffusing the situation to some degree. Additionally, you can talk to your friend and attempt to distract him or her while the tow truck operator hooks up your vehicle to tow away.