Staying Safe While Waiting On The Roadside For A Tow Truck

It can happen to anyone without notice even if your car is brand new and all the service has been done. Breaking down along the road is not something anyone wants to happen but if you are prepared, you can stay safe with you wait for a tow truck or roadside assistance. Taking the time to prepare for the possibility of a breakdown will only take a few minutes and once you have, you can rest a little easier next time you head out on the road.

Start With the Basics

There are a lot of kits on the market that contains some of what you might want on the road. In some cases, they have more than you need and maybe even something that you would never use but if you start with a basic kit that has reflective triangles or flares, a reflective vest, a flashlight and batteries, some gloves, a set of jumper cables, and maybe a few small things like tire gauge, a poncho for rain, and maybe a few tools, you will have a good start.  You can buy a basic kit for 20 or 30 dollars from a lot of large department stores or an auto parts store.

Adding To The Basics

There are always a few things that you can add to these kits. If you are driving in the winter months, a warm but compact blanket is a good thing to have, If the car is not running, the heat is not on so you need to find a way to stay warm. You do not need a big, bulky blanket just something that is warm and easy to stow away in the car. Another thing to consider is adding a few snacks to the kit. Now, this is something you need to remember to change out often because a few granola bars in the glove compartment can be good but not if they are from three years ago. If you are going to do this, change them monthly so they are fresh if you need them.

Security Along the Road

While it is impossible to be completely secure in your car, after all, it is a large percentage glass, staying in the car with the doors locked until the tow truck arrives is a good plan. There may be people that stop to help but if you are unsure about them or concerned at all, just stay in the car and talk to them from a slightly opened window. Let them know that the tow is coming right away and don't hesitate to call the police if someone stops that scares you or just seems like they are up to no good. The best way to stay safe is to be prepared and be alert while you are waiting for the tow truck to arrive.

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