4 Ways To Prepare Your Vehicle To Be Shipped Or Towed Long Distance

If you are moving across the country, and don't want to drive or tow all of your vehicles to your new home, your next best option is ship your vehicle to your new home. Here are four things that you are going to want to do to prepare your vehicle for the shipping process.

#1 Take Personal Belongings Out Of The Car

The first thing that you are going to want to do is take all of your personal belonging out of the vehicle. The insurance that will come with your vehicle typically only covers your actual vehicle itself, not the items that you have stored inside of it, so you are going to want to take out all personal items. Also, you don't want your personal items to shift around during the shipping process.

That includes items such as jumper cables, spare tires and other vehicle related equipment that you may usually keep in your trunk. You should also remove any extra speakers and audio equipment that you keep in your vehicle. Your vehicle should be free of all belongings that are not essential for the transportation process.

#2 Turn Off The Alarm

Next, you need to turn off the alarm for your vehicle. If your alarm is automatically activated when you lock your vehicle, you are going to want to take it to your local dealership to have the alarm turned off. You don't want the alarm blaring as it is being shipped across the country. Not only is that annoying, eventually the alarm will turn off, but probably not before it has drained your battery dead.

#3 Get The Tank Low

You don't want to ship your vehicle with a full tank of gas. You don't want a bunch of fuel sloshing around in the tank during the shipping process. If the gas tank is full, drive your vehicle until you get it down to about a quarter of a tank. That is enough fuel for it to be driven as needed for transportation purposes.

#4 Wash & Wax Your Car

Next, you should wash and wax your car before you ship it. You want it to look its best before you ship it. After you clean and wax the outside of your car, you should use this opportunity to take detailed pictures of your vehicle that are auto-stamped with the date and time.

This will allow you to create a visual record of what your vehicle looked like before it was shipped. Talk to your heavy duty towing company at a place like Blue Eagle Towing for more suggestions.