Instances When Drivers Should Call A Tow Truck

Nearly every driver dreads calling a towing service. However, you can't ignore serious problems with your vehicle. You can always get roadside assistance from towing companies. What issues or situations could require you to call a tow truck company?

Warning Lights

Modern cars will let you know when there is a problem with the transmission, engine, brake system, and other parts. That's why you see warning lights appearing on your dashboard. While some warning lights aren't serious, never ignore any of the ones listed below:

  • Oil pressure light
  • Check engine light
  • Coolant temperature light
  • Tire pressure warning light
  • Electrical system fault light
  • Transmission warning light

Once these lights appear on your dashboard, pull over and call a tow truck company. The responding team will check the problem and drop your car off at the nearest mechanic.

Driving Difficulties

It's rare to have driving difficulties, but you might experience them during unconducive weather. Maybe the roads are icy and it's becoming extremely challenging to stay in your lane. You might also be driving through a blizzard and the visibility is pretty poor. 

Besides weather problems, your car's steering wheel might be off, or the acceleration pedal isn't working correctly. Anything that makes you feel unsafe when driving should prompt you to call a tow truck. You can prevent road accidents by taking any driving difficulties seriously.

Auto Accident

Road accidents are the primary reason drivers need towing services. Most collisions will immobilize your vehicle, meaning you can no longer drive it. Besides, you can sustain injuries that might prevent you from driving your partially damaged car. In such cases, you'll need to engage a towing company to transport your car to the garage.

Tire Problems

It's common to encounter tire problems on the road, but you can typically solve most of them. Flat tires are fixable. Besides, you can use roadside assistance services even if you don't have a spare. Unfortunately, not all tire problems can be fixed by yourself. Some might force you to tow the car to a garage.

Unusual Noises

Unless you are driving an unroadworthy vehicle, you shouldn't hear noises coming from your car. But if your roadworthy vehicle starts to make weird noises when driving, know something is off. These odd noises could indicate a problem with your shock absorbers, braking system, or engine.

You should pull over for a few minutes and hop back on the road to test if the noises have gone away. If they haven't, call a towing company to help you out.

For more information, reach out to local towing services.