Signs You Should Call A Tow Truck Company When You're At Home

It might be more common to call a tow truck company when you're car has broken down on the road, but it's not the only reason. If you break down at home or otherwise cannot drive your car, you can either call a tow truck company yourself or let your auto insurance company send one your way. Your auto insurance will often cover this expense to a degree if you have roadside assistance or a similar plan in your insurance policy, or you can pay the towing service a flat fee then a per-mile fee, or however they charge for their services, if your auto insurance doesn't cover the service.

Here are a few signs you should call a tow truck company when you're at home. Even if your car is still running, you may need auto towing services to assist you.

Your car is leaking fluids

Any fluids leaking from your car should be cause for alarm because you don't know if the fluids are water from an AC unit, brake fluid, or another serious source of a leak. To protect yourself and your vehicle, use a tow truck company to get your car to the auto mechanic to check out your vehicle's leaking issue.

Your car has a flat tire

A flat tire makes it hard to control your car and can cause the rim to become bent or broken if you try to drive your vehicle even a few feet when the tire is low. Your auto insurance company can send out a towing service to assist with your car, and these services may even be able to repair your tire temporarily on-site so you can drive yourself to the tire shop for repairs. Your tow truck company will give you an ETA so you know when they will arrive.

Your car is stuck

If you're stuck in a mountain of snow, you can't get out of your yard, your car has slipped off the driveway into your landscape or muddy terrain, or your car is otherwise stuck and can't get out, then you can call a tow truck company to assist you and get you out. These services can help prevent further vehicle and property damage, and you might not even have to have your vehicle towed entirely. A little boost may be all your car needs to get back on the road again so you can get on with your day.

Contact a local tow truck company to learn more.