Coping With Weather Emergencies With Experienced Heavy Wrecker Towing

If you are a fleet manager, you are responsible for keeping your semis out on the road and safe each day. However, you cannot control the weather or the threats that it can pose to your fleet. 

When snowy and icy weather strikes the routes that your truckers drive, you need to be ready to assist them immediately. You can deal with slide-offs and trucks that get stuck by using a heavy wrecker towing service.

Winching Out Semis

When one of your semis slides off the road and gets stuck in a drift or median, you need to act quickly to get it out and back on the road. A small wrecker does not have the power to pull out a semi that weighs dozens of tons, however. You need to call a heavy wrecker towing company that has powerful trucks and flatbeds that can winch out stuck semis.

This service can pull out semis that are deeply lodged in snow or turned over in the median. You can get your semis back on the road quickly and minimize the damages to your fleet.

Towing Damaged Semis

When any of your semis have been damaged in icy and snowy weather, you need to get them towed to a mechanic or back to your fleet yard immediately. You cannot leave them out on the road where they can sustain more damages or even be at risk of vandalism and theft.

The heavy wrecker towing company can load up damaged semis on one of its flatbeds and tow it to the mechanic of your choice. It can also upright and secure the trailer for another driver to come pick up and haul. It can tow away the damaged cab and bring it back to your fleet yard for repairs.

Finally, a heavy wrecker towing service can offer roadside services like bringing and changing out blown tires or jumpstarting dead batteries. A smaller wrecker service may not have the equipment on hand or the power in its jumpstart kits to turn over dead semi engines. A heavy wrecker towing service can get semis back on the road so your company avoids delays and losses.

A heavy wrecker towing service can offer a number of beneficial services. It can winch out semis that get stuck in snow and ice. It can also tow away damaged semis and offer roadside services like tire changes and jumpstarts.