Purchasing A Lot Of Heavy Equipment? What To Know Before You Pay The Seller's Towing And Transportation Rates

If you are purchasing some heavy equipment and you are looking to save money on the cost of the purchase, you may want to outsource the transportation option. A company selling you the machinery may be taking some of the profit on the tow to deliver the equipment to your building, and this can get costly.

Instead of just accepting the deliver fee, call around to see what hauling and towing options are available. This could save you hundreds on the tow of each machine. Look for companies that have the following options.

Covered Towing Options

Don't let your machinery get wet or damaged by falling debris. Find out if there are enclosed towing options that work with the dimensions of the machinery that you are purchasing. This could be a hard, metal enclosed semi-truck or a trailer that has roll-down vinyl sides to protect your purchases. The covered options cost more but are worth the investment.

Insurance for Drivers and Your Machinery

Accidents and damages can be unpredictable at times. You don't want to risk something happening, and the towing company doesn't have the necessary insurance to cover the cost of what you just paid to purchase that machine.

Ask about the insurance; they must not only cover the haul and what they are transporting, but also protect their own employees. You don't want to end up in a lawsuit with an employee hauling your machine who gets hurt in an accident. The company should have their own liability coverage and should guarantee the quality of their services.

Cost Savings for Multiple Machines

Since you want to get more than one machine towed, either separately or at the same time, the towing company should be able to work out some kind of discount. Ask them if you can get a break on the total that you are spending since you are giving them multiple jobs to do in one day.

If you have machinery that you are purchasing and that you need towed, and the company is charging you an overly high rate to do the work, it's time to call the professionals. You don't want to waste your money paying an overly high rate just to use the company the seller suggests, and without going out and getting additional prices. Instead, find a heavy equipment transportation service that can do the work that is needed, but at a more affordable rate.