Learn How To Have Someone's Car Removed From Your Property When They Park On It Without Your Permission

When you live close to a venue that draws in a large crowd, such as a large race track or fairgrounds, there are times when people may use your driveway or yard as a place to park once the parking lot at the facility becomes full. This is very rude and can become quite a hassle if you need to get into or out of your driveway. If someone has parked on your property illegally, you can have the vehicle removed from the property by a tow truck. The guide below walks you through the steps to take to have the car removed from your property quickly and easily.

Contact a Tow Company

The first thing you need to do is contact a tow company, like Naylor  Towing, and let them know the situation at hand. You need to let them know what type of vehicle needs to be removed so that they can bring the right truck to haul the vehicle on. Some larger vehicles or vehicles that are very low to the ground need to be towed by a flatbed truck, rather than a traditional tow truck. Knowing the situation also allows the company to know that the owner of the car will be responsible for paying for the tow, not you.

Take Pictures of the Illegal Parking

You need to take pictures of the car being parked on your property without your permission before it is towed away. Be sure to take pictures from all sides so that you can show if there was any damage to the car before it was towed. You also need to take a picture of the license plate so that it can easily be identified later on if need be.

Move All of Your Vehicles Out of the Way

The tow truck needs to be able to easily gain access to the vehicle. Since you will not be able to move the car to make the tow easier for the tow truck driver, move your vehicles out of the way so that he or she can get where they need to go to remove the vehicle. You also want to get your vehicles out of the way to avoid them potentially getting damaged.

After the car is towed, contact the local police department and let them know that the car was towed and which company towed it. The person who owned the car will probably call the police to report it stolen or missing. Do not talk to the people directly because they will more than likely be mad their car was towed, and it could lead to a dangerous situation.