Remaining Safe When Your Vehicle Breaks Down In The Dark

If you find yourself in a situation where your vehicle breaks down during nighttime hours, you are bound to be concerned about getting it off the roadway and to safety as soon as possible. There are several steps you can do to help keep yourself safe when waiting for a tow truck to arrive. Here are some tips you can use to maximize your chances of a recovery without incident when there is a need for a nighttime tow.

Keep Your Interior Lights On

It is important that others on the roadway are aware of your positioning so they can move over if necessary. It is not a good idea to put on your hazard lights after it gets dark outside. This can be perceived by someone ascending upon your vehicle as a vehicle that is driving slowly, rather than one that is stopped. Keep your interior light on when waiting for assistance so others on the road know you are in distress so they can get out of the way in time. You may want to open your trunk as another means in alerting people your vehicle is stopped and not moving on the road.

Contact Authorities About Your Situation

Call a towing company and alert the police about your breakdown. If you do not have a phone to call for a tow truck, you will need to wait for assistance from someone else on the road. When someone comes to your aid, ask them if you could use their phone to call a tow truck. At this time, call 911 to alert authorities of your situation. If someone wishes to make the call on their own, let them know the police were notified already, even if they were not. This way the person helping will be less likely to cause you any harm as you wait for assistance. You can ask the person to call a towing company in your behalf.

Stay Inside Your Vehicle

It is best to stay inside of your vehicle if it is off the shoulder of the roadway. This way, you will not be prone to injury from trying to navigate an area in the dark. Keep your windows cracked so you have an air supply and so you can talk to someone coming to your aid if applicable. Keep your doors locked as well. If your vehicle is in a position where it is at risk of being hit, use the passenger side door to vacate the vehicle.

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